Bikers Gone Wild - a motorcyclist's paradise! 
No one can sell you leather and great bike accessories at a better price...or at least we try!  At Bikers Gone Wild, we sell custom parts, tires, cleaning supplies, LED lights & just about anything you need for your bike. We can also fit you in proper riding attire from head to toe! Come see Lolo and let her help you make your riding safe and exciting! Personalize your leather and ride in style!
Get some bling for yourself and your bike at Bikers Gone Wild. Our goal is to give you what you want at a price you can afford, but the quality that I demand! We cater to those hard to find items, if we don't have it and it exists...I will get it for you!  



Come check out our very unique selection of top quality biker gear.  You will find leather, riding boots, helmets, apparel, custom leather work, patches,
embroidery, and an accessories room that will knock everyone off their kickstand!


Lori Camp - Owner

I opened Bikers Gone Wild in April of 2004. Originally I thought I would sell a few pre owned bikes and a few trailers but I was really going to make my mark detailing bikes. Day after day customer came to see what I was all about “Bikers Gone Wild rated X for extremely clean”: and after chatting for awhile I would always be asked where there was a good place to buy a leather jacket, a helmet, riding boots etc etc etc. at a good price of course! I sent them to a different shop for all of the above items, finally it hit me that nobody around our area did it all. So 3 months later, I packed my bags and moved into a little commercial building just off the square in downtown Dallas and Viola...The Real Bikers Gone Wild was born!
Now I don’t have to send anybody anywhere. I sell it all. And if I don’t have it, I’ll do my best to get it. And ohhhhhh yes, at a much better price….I cater to bikers…all bikers…all brands, all year round. I love bikes! I stock the latest products on the market and keep our customers up to date on what’s new and upcoming. I put the bling bling on my bikes and my customers love it. Yes I still do detailing, and I still sell a few bikes from time to time, but leather and accessories is what I am all about. If you can wear it, I sell it! (that goes for you and your bike.) Stop by and have a cup of coffee…I’m really looking forward to meeting you all!
PS: Chaps are my specialty, I can and will fit anyone and will make sure they are perfect from top to bottom!


Let LoLo set you up with all
the gear and bling that you will need to ride in style!



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Mark your calendar and meet up with your friends and LoLo for a special Bikers Gone Wild event.


Great bike gear & accessories

Huge selection of bike accessories.  From head to toe, Lolo can set you and your bike up for riding in style!

jewlery & bling!!!

Lolo is the BLING QUEEN and would love to help you find the perfect bling!

leather & custom work

Unique selection of quaility leather  gear. We do custom leather work (patches & embroidery) to personalize your gear. 

Boots for men & women

Find the perfect pair of cruising boots that will keep you comfortable and stylish!

Women's Bike Apparel

Find your style...Bling & Denim, along with Classic Leather. Let Lolo help you find that perfect look!

MeN's Bike Apparel

Bikers Gone Wild has a great variety of men's bike gear to set you up in style! 

We have a wide selection of custom bike parts, tires, supplies and cool accessories.

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Our customers ROCK! We love our customers and treat them like family here at Bikers Gone Wild.